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The Value Commission

The Value Commission brings together over 30 expert Commissioners from around the world to drive transparency and accountability across the application and use of value factors by organizations. The Commission will co-design and develop a set of clear and transparent global criteria spanning the creation and use of value factors and consolidate existing efforts into an open-access Value Database.

Value factors are an essential element for organizations to understand the value that they create, preserve, or erode across the capitals.

Value factors are developed based on assessments and studies. They help to translate the information that organizations collect across their operations into insights on their impacts and dependencies across natural, social and human capital. Using this information, organizations are able to make better informed decisions that provide value across the capitals as well as for themselves.

For example, studies may show that every dollar invested in coastal wetlands provides $5 in protection of a company’s coastal infrastructure, say a low-lying factory. By applying the value factor of ‘$5’ per $1 invested, a company can better understand whether it makes sense to invest in ecosystems as opposed to grey infrastructure to protect their assets against flooding and storm surges.

This application also provides data that can be shared with investors and insurers to communicate business resilience and a measurable reduction in exposure. Investing in the wetland may also provide co-benefits such as carbon sequestration, biodiversity habitat creation, space for recreation and so can continue to provide value across the capitals into the future.

Through the application of value factors across qualitative, quantitative, and monetary metrics, organizations can better understand the value that they are creating, preserving, or eroding and how this affects different stakeholders in a way that is consistent.

But, while value factors have the potential to be transformative, currently there is little transparency, accountability, or consistency in the way that these factors are developed and applied. The process used to calculate and implement them can be proprietary and opaque, and therefore confidence in results can vary significantly.

This is why the Coalition has convened the Value Commission. The Commission will co-design and develop a set of clear and transparent global criteria spanning the creation and use of value factors.

The Commission will also guide the consolidation of existing efforts into an open-access Value Database, which will connect existing datasets and provide value factors that can be consistently applied by businesses, financial institutions, and governments.

The database will follow the global criteria and provide transparency on data sources, methodology and confidence in results.

The Commission brings together over 30 of the key actors from around the world including those who develop, provide, apply, and regulate value factors.

It is a three-year collaborative project which is hosted by the Capitals Coalition with the intention to hand it over to an internationally recognized third party after this time to act as its permanent host.

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