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Valuing Collaboration Survey

July 27, 2020 |

The Coalition aims to transform our understanding of value, and our success is entirely driven by the collaboration of our community.

As we move into the second phase of our model of transformation, we want to take stock of our current practices and ask our community:

What value do you think we offer?

to better determine:

How can we be of more value to you?

We have developed a survey that uses the same methods for valuing the Capitals to value the importance of the collaboration that is at the core of how we work together at the Capitals Coalition.

This survey is divided into three sections and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete:

Section 1 – Your opinions about the value of Coalition activities and priorities
Section 2 – Profile information about you and your organization
Section 3 – ERM Foundation donation preference

Where the last section features an opportunity for you to select which projects may receive a generous donation from the ERM Foundation.

Your feedback is critical to our success and we encourage you to complete this survey.

Benefit from the Coalition’s unique overview of the capitals approach and community, gain insights into the latest thinking and developments and receive newsletters and project updates.