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The Natural Capital Journey from We Value Nature

September 06, 2021 |

A new interactive online tool will help businesses make decisions that better reflect the climate and natural capital crisis.

The Natural Capital Journey from We Value Nature was launched at the IUCN CEO Summit on 3 September 2021. The interactive tool presents the most common pathways and barriers that businesses face on their valuing nature journeys.

The We Value Nature campaign, funded by the European Union, has spent three years supporting businesses to better understand and value nature, and was created to reinforce and amplify the work of the Capitals Coalition and promote the use of the Natural Capital Protocol

The Natural Capital Journey brings together the most useful lessons and resources the campaign has identified or developed working alongside business.

The interactive tool includes relevant case studies, standardised approaches and other resources for overcoming barriers and supporting the business case for valuing nature.

Businesses and individuals are asked to place themselves on the natural capital journey based on how much they have previously engaged with the concept of natural capital. The interactive tool then presents the barriers they are likely to face and a carefully chosen list of resources they can use to better how their business depends and benefits from better decision making.

We Value Nature is a campaign supporting businesses and the natural capital community to make valuing nature the new normal for businesses across Europe. Supported by the European Commission, the campaign is reinforcing and boosting the work of the Capitals Coalition in promoting ‘naturally smarter businesses’. We Value Nature partners are: ICAEW, WBCSD, IUCN and Oppla.

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