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Towards Greater Standardization

May 13, 2021 |

The Value Balancing Alliance, a business led alliance focusing on value accounting and part of the Capitals Coalition, has released the results from eleven of its members who have piloted their Impact Valuation methodology

Alongside the Capitals Coalition and WBCSD, the Value Balancing Alliance is one of the key partners leading the EU Life Funded project Transparent, which aims to develop standardized natural capital accounting and valuation methodologies for business, in line with the ambition of the European Green Deal.

The Value Balancing Alliance’s piloting and the learnings from this first attempt will feed into the Transparent project, alongside the work of many others. The consultation and piloting of the Transparent guidance will take place later this summer, so watch this space.

One of the noticeable areas of natural capital where more work is needed and is indeed ongoing is biodiversity. Therefore a sister project, Align, will bring together existing work on corporate biodiversity measurement to develop a standardized approach to biodiversity measurement and valuation. Both Transparent and Align will be integrated to provide a holistic framework for businesses globally.

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